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AboutLisa-RedDress-195x300I want to thank you for visiting my new website and welcome you to keep in touch. I started my posing suit design and spray tanning business in 2005. My extensive competitive ballroom dance background influenced my interest in the bodybuilding industry when I attended the Arnold Classic for the first time back in 1999. It wasn’t until four years later that I met and began training with world-renowned personal trainer, Mike Davies. His guidance and support has helped me achieve success as a figure competitor as well as develop and grow my business over the years. I also want to show appreciation to Julie Davies and all of my Fitness Factory friends who have encouraged me and believed in my skills.

I competed in nearly 30 regional and national level NPC figure shows from 2003-2009 with my greatest accomplishment being the Arnold Amateur Figure Tall Champion in 2007. I am currently retired from competing but I may find the inspiration and motivation to get back on stage someday. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy catering to the needs of other competitors and helping them to reach their goals.

I understand the dedication, discipline and sacrifice required with training and dieting for months and even years to achieve your fit body. You then have only have a few moments to stand under the spotlights and showcase all of your hard work. Your choice of a posing suit that frames your physique and compliments your features is extremely important. Each suit is a unique, custom designed creation. The ordering process involves personal consultations with my clients regarding fabric and rhinestone selection, design, physique measurements, fittings, budget and all other needs. Styles By Miles also offers competition airbrush spray tanning services at several shows in the TriState area. Please refer to the “Tanning” section of my site for more details.

As an experienced figure competitor, ballroom dancer, event expeditor and fitness model, I have a tremendous respect and understanding of what my clients needs are. I am devoted to serving my clients with the best customer service in the industry. I am committed to excellence! I will work hard to surpass your expectations of quality, creativity and excellent customer service so that you will trust in Styles By Miles for your suit and tanning needs like so many champions before you.

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Lisa Miles Accolades

North American Figure Championship 2009 Arnold Amateur Figure Championship 2007 –

 1st place Team Universe Figure 2007 Motor City Figure Championship –

 1st place North American Figure Championship 2007 Tri-State Bodybuilding Championship 2007 –

 1st place Ohio State Bodybuilding Championship 2007 –

 2nd place Julie Palmer’s Ultimate Championship 2006 Pittsburgh Championship 2006 Ohio State Championship 2005 –

1st place Tall Class North American 2005 –

15th place Junior Nationals 2005 –

14th place Tall Class Julie Palmer’s Ultimate Championship 2005 –

1st place Tall Class Mike Francois Classic 2005 –

1st place Tall Class & Overall Winner Ohio State Championship 2004 Tri-State Championship 2004 –

 2nd place North American Championship 2004 –

12th place Mike Francois Classic 2004 –

5th place Pittsburgh Championship 2004 Upper Ohio Valley Championship 2004 –

2nd place Ohio State Championship 2003 Tri-State Championship 2003