I want to thank you for visiting my new website and welcome you to keep in touch. I started my posing suit design and spray tanning business in 2005. My extensive competitive ballroom dance background influenced my interest in the bodybuilding industry when I attended the Arnold Classic for the first time back in 1999.

It wasn’t until four years later that I met and began training with world-renowned personal trainer, Mike Davies. His guidance and support has helped me achieve success as a figure competitor as well as develop and grow my business over the years. I also want to show appreciation to Julie Davies and all of my Fitness Factory friends who have encouraged me and believed in my skills. I competed in nearly 30 regional and national level NPC figure shows from 2003-2009 with my greatest accomplishment being the Arnold Amateur Figure Tall Champion in 2007. I am currently retired from competing but I may find the inspiration and motivation to get back on stage someday. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy catering to the needs of other competitors and helping them to reach their goals.




Mike Davies Testimony
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Competition Spray Tanning

SprayGun As a former figure competitor and fitness model myself, I understand the importance of a dark, flawless tan to achieve success on stage. I have been developing my knowledge and skills with spray tan application since 2005. Through trial and error, and trying different products, equipment and techniques, spray tanning has become a large part of my business along with posing suit design.

Supported by Mike & Julie Davies, among many other experts in the field, I faithfully use the Jan Tana line of products. I use high quality airbrush equipment to deliver a fast, easy and stress free experience for your tanning application. I have assisted hundreds of competitors achieve their “winning” tan!